Saturday, August 10, 2013


The "Dream 9," eight of them wearing graduation caps and gowns to show their desire to finish school in the U.S., march to a U.S. port of entry last month. (Samantha Sais /AP)
Natalie Mendez
"It was hard for me,” she said through a translator. “My son was so far away ... I'm very happy because this is the beginning of real immigration reform.” -- Daily News, Bronx 'Dream 9' immigration activist released 
Ben Joravsky
 In the fantasy world created by the publicists, the mayor's a miracle worker who's working day and night on behalf of Chicago's children. Oh, thank you all-powerful Bwana. In the real world, the mayor's slashing school funding so he can spend the money on really whacked-out shit, like that South Loop property deal involving DePaul. -- The Reader
Ald. Bob Fioretti (2nd)
"TIF money is not the alderman's piggy bank, and it is not the mayor's slush fund. It belongs to the people of the City of Chicago." -- DNA Info
Kate Grossman, Sun-Times blogger
 We get that CPS is besieged – it’s being attacked for school closings and budget cuts — and needs a show of force behind its initiatives. But staff tell us they feel intimidated and threatened by these directives, particularly since CPS has been aggressively laying off staff. -- Voices
Carolyn Lang, West Pullman neighbor
"I used to come home late from prayer meetings at my church, and just seeing the light on and knowing the engineers and the janitors were working, I felt safe because they were there. Now it won't be a safe haven anymore."  -- Herald Standard, Chicago school closings worry poor neighborhoods 

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