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Saturday, August 17, 2013

American Demolition at La Casita

American Demolition -- What's in a name?
Rahm always seems to high-tail it out of town whenever he's about to drop another bombshell on the community. That way he doesn't have to face the media the next day or be held accountable for his dirty deeds until things cool down. I guess that what he pays his overpriced spinners/liars like Becky Carroll to do.

At around midnight, we heard that Rahm's wrecking team was over at Whittier Elementary in the Pilsen neighborhood, sent there to destroy La Casita, the building that has become the symbol of the community's fight for a decent school library. By the time we got there, hundreds of parents, teachers and community activists had gathered to try and once again, save the building. 

At Juarez H.S.
After police cordons  and barricades were set up protesters organized all-night and morning vigils. The wreckers then left, like thieves in the night, leaving a small group of cops behind to stand guard.

By the time we returned this morning, the wreckers had already returned and done their dirty deeds. Police cars and barricades had closed off access to  23rd St. from both directions and dozens of cops stood guard on the perimeter.

Cops block access to 23rd St.
Earlier, a heroic group of parents and activists had crashed the barricades and tried to block the door to La Casita. Cops immediately rushed in to arrest them and hauled them off to the District 10 for booking (Phone 312-747-7511)

The last I heard was that those arrested were being released on I-bonds.

Dozens of others marched over to Juarez High School where machine Alderman Danny Solis was holding his back-to-school fair.

More to come.


  1. Every chance Rahm Emanuel gets he justifies trashing CTU teachers because he's concerned for "our children." If he had any concern for the children of Chicago--all the children--the Whittier School problem could have been solved collegially in any number of ways. There didn't have to be enmity. He could have sat down with all parties and brainstormed a solution. He would have purchased immeasurable good will. The only explanation is a hidden agenda.

  2. What are least logical, least effective, least responsive, least cooperative actions can take? Recipe for insane drive for domination/control. No heart no brain, no courage.

  3. Yuk. When I hear short-sighted, venal sellouts like Emmanuel or Soliz talk about "doin' it for the kids" I could launch my lunch. This is just the type of thing that makes people get up earlier and work harder just to see to it that democraphobic yutzes don't get re-elected.


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