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Friday, November 19, 2010

These are the 11 "Democrats" who voted with the Limbaugh Party

Following John Boehner's lead, they voted against the extension of unemployment benefits to 4 million workers and their families as we head into the holiday season. Shame on you.

Rep. Robert Berry [D, AR-1]
Rep. Allen Boyd [D, FL-2]
Rep. Bobby Bright [D, AL-2]
Rep. Jim Cooper [D, TN-5]
Rep. Lincoln Davis [D, TN-4]
Rep. Baron Hill [D, IN-9]
Rep. Walter Minnick [D, ID-1]
Rep. Glenn Nye [D, VA-2]
Rep. Collin Peterson [D, MN-7]
Rep. Heath Shuler [D, NC-11]
Rep. Gene Taylor [D, MS-4]


  1. Except for Peterson and Minnick, they're all Dixiecrats.

  2. Shuler is a real pig at the trough. Darling of the NRA. He led the unsuccessful fight to unseat Nancy Pelosi.


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