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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I need to get one of these red power ties.
Now sooner had I finished posting about Daley's likely interim pick and gone off to teach my class, than one of my students informed me that the Mayor appointed Terry Mazany as his new schools CEO. Shows you how plugged in I am.

No surprises here. Daley played it safe. Mazany will likely keep the seat warm until May, 2011 when a new mayor will pick what amounts to the district's third CEO in 6 months. Mazany is currently president and CEO of the Chicago Community Trust, the city's second largest foundation and one of the district's biggest outside funders. The Trust served as the conduit for the Gates Foundation grant that supported the Chicago High School Redesign Initiative (CHSRI).

Mazany says he has no plans to become the permanent CEO. He told FOX that he will work on a briefing book for the next mayor and next chief of CPS so they can begin to work on the CPS budget and improving the system. His salary is being picked up by the Trust. Here's Mazany's corporate connections displayed graphically on his Mukety Map.

Unlike previous mayor-appointed CEO's, Mazany does has some school administration experience in California and Michigan. But it would be a stretch to call him an educator.
“We need a schools superintendent whose loyalties are to the students — not to the mayor," said  Julie Woestehoff of PURE. "We need a leader who will put an end to policies like retention and school closings that have been hurting our children. … We need someone who cares more about making parents, teachers, staff and students feel respected, rather than making the business community feel comfortable.” (Sun-Times)
Well put, Julie.

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