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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend Quotables

Obama's Labor Day speech
"I don't want to give them the keys back." Obama said to the cheering crowd. " They don't know how to drive." He added, "They're going to pop it into reverse and have special interests riding shotgun and we'd be right back in the ditch."
Fired teachers return to Central Falls H.S.
Several students this week said the mass firings were unnecessary and that teachers were unfairly scapegoated for problems beyond their control. Central Falls, a cramped city just a square mile in size, has budget problems so severe that this summer it was placed under the supervision of a state-appointed receiver. (WaPo)

Retiring SEIU leader, Anna Burger
“We have not developed public policies that support working women the way we should,” she said. “When women can be forced to work mandatory overtime when they have children at home and don’t have access to child care, that’s a huge problem. (NYT)

Best quote: reporters to Gov. Brewer
“Governor, please answer the question about the headless bodies." (Gail Collins, NYT)

Rat race
"It's a race to the top and the rats are winning." (Sabrina)

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