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Friday, September 3, 2010

Duncan's OK with a Republican sweep

But he's "nonpolitical"

Arne Duncan is back on tour in anticipation of a Republican avalanche in the upcoming mid-term elections. This one reminiscent of his first Three Amigos tour with Newt Gingrich and Al Sharpton--a kind of early surrender tour which let the country know that the new administration was fully committed to building on Bush's No Child Left Behind policies--now called Race To The Top. This time around, he's letting letting the public know that he's still on board.
Though Mr. Duncan called his bus trip “a campaign for education,” there was little political edge. Should Republicans seize control of one or both houses of Congress, he vowed to find common ground.
“I’m the most nonpolitical person there could be,” he said. “I’ll work with anyone.” (NYT)
The best quote in the Times piece comes from conservative Minnesota congressman, John Kline, the ranking minority member of the House Labor and Education Committee who pointed out that Duncan’s reforms, "especially ones unpopular with unions," came straight from the traditional Republican playbook.
“I said, ‘Arne, only you can do that, You’re the secretary of education for a Democratic president.’ 


  1. Only time will tell if said Republicans will shift far enough to the right to find a common ground with Dunan, whose reactionary ideas and policies are only exceeded by teabaggers and libertarians.

  2. It will be a long battle, but the unions will win, and the should.


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