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Monday, November 23, 2009


Wall Street Journal attacks Ford Foundation
And yet the Ford press release contains not one mention of charter schools, vouchers, merit pay or even Teach for America...One might have hoped that Ford's administrators would have looked at some of the real innovation being done by philanthropies such as Gates or the Walton Foundation and seen how truly far behind the times Ford's ideas are. (OnlineWSJ)
Ford Fund responds
We want communities to have the resources to be at the table and have their voices for change heard. Our belief is that empowering consumers, parents and students will help drive change. One serious disagreement we have with the Journal's editors, however, is their vilification of teachers. (Ford Foundation letter to WSJ)
Bill Moyers warns on Afghan war

And once again, a President pushing for critical change at home is being pressured to stop dithering, be tough, show he's got the guts, by sending young people seven thousand miles from home to fight and die, while their own country is coming apart. And once again, the loudest case for enlarging the war is being made by those who will not have to fight it, who will be safely in their beds while the war grinds on. And once again, a small circle of advisers debates the course of action, but one man will make the decision. (The Nation)

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