Thursday, November 5, 2009

A terrible loss for DePaul and the entire community

Francisco "Frankie" Valencia

Valencia's friends said his combination of intellect, street smarts and idealism made him a standout at DePaul. He used his ambition, charisma and personal story of struggle to encourage other "young men of color to persevere in their educational pursuits," DePaul spokeswoman Denise Mattson said. Valencia's mother, Joy McCormack, said Valencia also was a role model to his younger siblings. He volunteered at Chicago public schools and for the Barack Obama campaign. He also traveled to Colombia on a humanitarian mission. "His ambition, idealism, intelligence, enthusiasm and commitment made him a natural leader," McCormack said in a statement. "He aspired to have a career in politics and to serve as an example to the Latino community." (Tribune)

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