Thursday, October 15, 2009


Chicago schools CEO Ron Huberman brags he can "walk into any one of the Chicago Public Schools he oversees and size up the school’s culture in fewer than 10 minutes." He obviously doesn't consider classrooms, teaching/learning, after-school activities, to be part of the school's culture. Does he?


  1. If Huberman is so quick on the uptake, how come it took the Inspector General to catch the $2.25 million check Huberman's department sent to pals at Motorola to pay for---NOTHING.

  2. At our school, it would take him at least 20 minutes to find a working bath room.

  3. To bad that Huberman & Duncan couldn't have spent 10 minutes at Fenger and spent all their time at the 4 Seasons. How's their culture Ron?


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