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Monday, June 1, 2009

Who has the stomach for this?

"And the states that don't have the stomach or the political will, unfortunately, they're going to lose out."--Sec. of Education Arne Duncan.

If you want an example of what Duncan is trying to impose on school districts, look no further than his own district, Chicago. In letters to Russo, a teacher at Catalyst Charter offers hair-raising tales straight from the heart of Duncan/Daley's Renaissance 2010 program. Here's the latest update:
Ms. Cole, our principal informed 11 of us that she will not renew our contracts for 11, plus fired 6 staff over the year, and has instead retained un-certified teachers. She herself is not certified or experienced in any academic area.
Russo's response? He asks if unionization will be the nail in Catalyst's coffin. Alexander, it sounds like that nail has already been driven.


  1. Once again to you for advice -- especially those of you who may be charter school teachers or know Catalyst. Is unionization the hammer for this nail, or is there something else?

  2. I'm not sure about this one. Did I misread Russo's question? What is the "hammer for this nail"?


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