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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Most New Yorkers dissatisfied with schools

... and have had enough of Bloomberg

Ed Sec. Arne Duncan keeps tooting the mayoral-control horn. But N.Y. residents, it seems, have had enough of Duncan's EEP bedfellow, Mayor Bloomberg. A NYT poll finds that 57% of them oppose legislation to lift term limits, allowing Bloomberg to run again.
In addition, some 51 percent say that the city is on the wrong track, while 40 percent say it is going in the right direction.
According to the survey, they are also dissatisfied with their schools.
And even though New York City’s public school students showed substantial gains on state math tests this year, particularly in the middle school grades, most people are dissatisfied with the quality of public schools.
Edwize has a different take on the math score gains.

The irony is that even those most New Yorkers want to get rid of him, Bloomberg "maintains tremendous advantages heading into November’s city election". Three reasons--money, lots of money, and more money.

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