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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The preschool "juggernaut"

Obama's commitment to early childhood education has got Checker Finn and his boys over at the right-wing Fordham Institute in a snit again. They are trying to mobilize Limbaugh Party allies in a life or death struggle against the JUGGERNAUT. No, they're not talking about another Hitler wehrmacht or anything like that.

The picture on the cover of Finn's book says it all. Early childhood education is about to flatten this corporate exec.

It's all about the "Preschool Juggenaut", (title of Finn's latest book). The prospect of universal early childhood education has Finn freaking out. When he closes his eyes and thinks of Headstart, he envisions a giant steam roller flattening the taxpayer. "For all its surface appeal, universal preschool is an unwise use of tax dollars," warns Finn.

The roster

For those who can't tell the players without a scorecard, here's the official list of DOE appointees.

Morning Schmoe

Joe Scarborough is sounding more and more like he belongs on the comedy channel. Here's his set-up question the other day for wing-nut Senator Kitt Bond (R-Missouri) as they both try and defend torture:
"Senator, can you explain to Americans why, for selfish reasons, the CIA would never lie to members of Congress?"
No, seriously.

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