Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mayoral mythology

Mayoral control has been Arne Duncan's mantra as he tours from state to state. It makes no difference to Duncan what the unique conditions are in each city or even if the local mayor is behind bars on corruption charges or hopefully on his way. "Put the mayor in charge," cries Duncan, even if the mayor is the head of a corrupt political machine and dreams of using the schools as his own private patronage system.

Diane Ravitch posts about the "myth of mayoral control of schools" at Huffington:
Our schools are too important to hand them over to the sole, unchecked control of a single elected official. Checks and balances are not exactly a dangerous innovation. They are an essential element in a democratic society, and they are as essential in the operation of our school system as they are in every other part of our governmental structure.
Protecting blogger rights

New York State’s shield law, which protects the right of news reporters to refuse to testify about information obtained through newsgathering, would be extended to “journalist bloggers” under a bill introduced by State Senator Thomas K. Duane and Assemblywoman Linda B. Rosenthal, two Manhattan Democrats. (City Room)

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