Friday, April 10, 2009

'It's all about symbolism'--Rotherham

Ed Sector's Andrew Rotherham is frustrated. He likes conservative-style, top-down, anti-teacher reforms including school vouchers, but is upset at the way they've been packaged. The symbolism of his favorite "reformer," D.C.'s Michelle Rhee, on the cover of Time Magazine with boom in hand, has him pulling his hair out. Writing in U.S. News, Rotherham decries the use of poorly chosen symbols projected in the media.

He blames reform movement leaders for allowing themselves, "to be defined as a cloistered group of white dilettantes from Ivy League schools—counterproductive symbolism and off the mark."

He's right of course. Not ALL of them are Ivy Leaguers. I think Rotherham went to the Univ. of Virgina.


What Kids Can Do: Speech Contest 2009

As Graduation Day approaches, What Kids Can Do invites students to raise their voice and let others know what matters most to them in this moment and in the years ahead. This year's theme: "Crisis and Hope in These Trying Times." Maximum award: $100 gift certificate from Eligibility: anyone from age 12 to 19, writing in English. Deadline: May 18, 2009.

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