Friday, April 17, 2009

Is America post-racial?

The house at Columbia College's Front Row Cinema, was packed last night for Rap Session: Is America Really Post-Racial? A dynamic, engaging mix of speakers came at the question from several cultural and political directions. Of course, all agreed--it isn't--we aren't.

Panelists included: author, hip-hop activist Bakari Kitwana, Lisa Fager Bediako, President and Co-founder of Industry Ears, Inc., an advocacy/activist think tank focused on hip-hop media, Jabari Asim, Editor -in-chief of Crisis magazine and author of The N-Word: Who Can Say it, Who Shouldn’t and Why, Tricia Rose, Professor of Africana Studies at Brown University, and author of the first scholarly text on hip-hop culture Hip-Hop Wars: What We Talk About When We Talk About Hip-Hop--And Why It Matters, Timuel Black, educator, historian, author of Bridges of Memory, and veteran Chicago civil rights activist, and Detroit-based Hip-Hop Artist, Invincible.

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