Monday, April 6, 2009

Detroit or Destroit?

It was a great victory for Michigan State over UConn in the Final 4 in front of a huge hometown Detroit crowd and the game's heroes were two Motown kids. Hopefully, they'll beat the Tarheels tonight.

Detroit can use a lift now that their new state-appointed emergency financial manager, Robert Bobb, facing a huge deficit and falling enrollment, wants to close 50 more schools and lay-off thousands more teachers. Public education in the Motor City could well go the way of the auto industry. Seeing the writing on the wall, some teachers want the union to support a group of Green Dot-type, in-district charter schools, staffed with union teachers. The DFT, which has always opposed charters, now has plans to organize some existing charter schools. But can (will) they really do it? Something's got to change.


George Bush had his Ownership Society bumper-sticker slogan. But count on GM, with their bottom falling out, to launch a new ad campaign titled, Reinventing the Ownership Experience.

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