Monday, March 9, 2020


Women Pack Streets in Massive Int'l Women's Day Marches Across Latin America
New York Times editorial
Already, citizens who are underinsured or uninsured are being slammed with medical bills that they can’t afford when they seek testing and treatment for the virus. Unsurprisingly, experts say that many of them are bound to avoid such care as the outbreak rages on. -- ‘Health Care for Some’ Is a Recipe for Disaster
 Rev. Jesse Jackson endorses Sanders
"With the exception of Native Americans, African Americans are the people who are most behind socially and economically in the United States and our needs are not moderate. A people far behind cannot catch up choosing the most moderate path. The most progressive social and economic path gives us the best chance to catch up and Senator Bernie Sanders represents the most progressive path. That's why I choose to endorse him today." -- CNN
Jane Fonda endorses Sanders
 "We have to get a climate president in office, and there's only one right now, and that's Bernie Sanders." -- USA TODAY
Kamala Harris endorses Biden
Senator Kamala Harris to Joe Biden: "I also believe and it’s personal and it was hurtful to hear you talk about the reputations of two United States senators who is built their reputations and career on the segregation of race in this country."
She continued, "It was not only that, but you also worked with them to oppose busing. There was a little girl in California who was part of the second class to integrate her public schools and she was bused to school every day. That little girl was me." -- New York Times
Trump's chief economic adviser Larry Kudlow
"Although, frankly, so far it looks relatively contained." -- Speaking on CNBC on Friday
This after Cruz's boss called COVID19 a "hoax"...

Alice Embree in Austin, Texas
"If the Coronavirus has really passed from humans to Ted Cruz, then we are f*****d." -- FB

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