Thursday, August 22, 2019

Trump echoes Henry Ford

Henry Ford's Silver Legion and "very fine people" in Charlottesville chanting "Jews won't replace us". 

DT is obviously suffering from both delusions of grandeur (the "King" of Israel and the "chosen") and persecution by the media.

He's also "trafficking in classical anti-semitism", writes Yair Rosenberg in The Washington Post Tablet.
"Trump believes all the anti-semitic stereotypes about Jews. But he sees those traits as admirable”.
Most telling were DT's shoutouts to his hero, Hitler symp and notorious anti-semite, Henry Ford.

If Ford were alive today, he would be a big fan of Trump and his Proud Boys thugs who were out in force in Portland last weekend. Ford had his own Silver Legion of America (Silver Shirts) which he mobilized to spread fear and intimidation. He used his newspaper, The Dearborn Independent to promote anti-semitism.

Ford’s anti-Semitic manifesto, The International Jew, had a profound influence on Adolf Hitler. In his own book Mein Kampf, the Führer noted Ford’s achievements as an American industrialist. Hitler not only kept a picture of Ford in his office; in July 1938 the German Counsel presented Ford with the Grand Cross of the German Eagle, the highest an honor bestowed by the Reich onto foreigners.

DT's claim that Jews who vote Democratic are "stupid or disloyal" comes straight from Ford's playbook.

No wonder he is so devoted to Henry.

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