Wednesday, September 20, 2017

It was Sarah (not Jennifer) Burke. Difference with no distinction.

Berrios & Burke
CORRECTION: Looks like I had the wrong Burke sib ogling Lisa Madigan's AG spot. Today, Sarah (not Jennifer) Burke, in one of the fastest turnarounds in the history of the sport, pulled out of the race, according to dad.

It was actually Democratic Party county boss Joe Berrios who misinformed me and others that Jennifer was the one. Berrios had claimed that Ald. Eddie Burke did not solicit his support for his daughter. He simply called “as a courtesy” to let Berrios know that his daughter was gathering signatures.

What's the difference between the two, you may ask? None really. Sarah has the same lack of credentials. Like Jennifer, she also worked in daddy's law firm as a corporate tax-fixer. Also had dad turn to Berrios for backing. Shall I go on?

Hope yesterday's blog post encouraged her to drop out. How about you next, Elaine Nekritz?

As I'm writing this, another sleezy AG candidate just announced. That would be another state rep pension thief, Scott Drury. Just yesterday he was running for guv. I guess it's cheaper to run for AG. Whatever. I'll let brother Fred deal with him. 

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