Saturday, June 24, 2017

Rethinking binary gender views on Pride Week

Klonsky brothers talking intersex with Pidgeon Pagonis on Hitting Left. 
After all these years, I find I'm still working to get unstuck from traditional, binary views of gender and sexuality and the power-laden and oppressive use of language that goes with it.

Thanks to Friday's in-studio guest on Hitting Left, intersex activist and artist, Pidgeon Pagonis, for schooling us. But the educational burden shouldn't all be on them. We all need to share in the work, educate ourselves, each other, and our students, not just to better understand our world, but to change it.

If you missed Friday's show, you can listen to it this week by clicking on the link above or to the podcast any time at .

SAVE THE DATE...Our Hitting Left Labor Day Bash is set for Sept. 4th at our beautiful Co-Prosperity Sphere Studio in Bridgeport, on Chicago's south side. We'll be partying, broadcasting live and raising dough for Lumpen Radio, all at the same time. Not easy. Don't try this at home. We're professionals. More details to follow.

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