Monday, October 10, 2016

Chicago students heading home from Standing Rock

Chicago students with their brothers and sisters at the Lower Brule Nation's camp site. (Photo by Michele Noble)

There were lots of hugs, gift giving and a few tears as we said goodbye to Standing Rock and our hosts at the Lower Brule camp. LSNA students had a better night's sleep because the weather warmed some and the winds died down. In the morning it was time to tear down the tents and pack bags into the vans for the long ride home. Blankets, rope, clothing and whatever was donated by supporters back in Chicago, were piled up and left behind in Standing Rock.

I'll let the students speak for themselves when they get back, but several of them told me that this was a life-changing experience.

I just called them in their van, about an hour out of Chicago and they were watching the live stream of today's front-line protest action against the pipeline on their IPhones. As state police began to move in a make arrests, I heard some say they wanted to turn around an go back. Not possible, of course. 

Thanks again to everyone who supported the trip. I'll notify you when there's a public debriefing activity organized. In the mean time, students are planing articles and use of different types of media to tell their story.

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