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Thursday, January 14, 2016

The trail to the 5th floor of City Hall gets warmer. CPS' 'confidential' memo.

Asking the right questions. 

Rahm is pleading ignorance... Not the top quality you want in the city's top executive. Of course, he was conveniently ignorant until after winning the election.

From today's Trib:
Mayor Rahm Emanuel has said he didn't understand the gravity of Laquan McDonald's shooting death at the hands of a Chicago police officer until just before the city settled with the teen's family last spring, and that he wasn't aware other officers may have falsified reports about the shooting until just after the video was released to the public.
And then there's this:
 But interviews, official city calendars and emails show in both cases the mayor's closest aides and City Hall attorneys knew much earlier than that.
Chou's confidential memo
That would be Rahm's top lawyer, Steve Patton. Not to mention, State's Attorney Alvarez.

They probably didn't want to bother Rahm about it. Right?

CPS enters the picture...
Now comes news that the mayor's top staffers were alerted, in a "confidential" memo, the day after the shooting, by CPS security chief Jadine Chou, that Laquan McDonald was a student at YCCS-Sullivan House Alternative H.S.
Email traffic at City Hall started almost immediately after the shooting, and inquiries about the dash-cam video were made in the first month.
The trail to the 5th floor is getting warmer.

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