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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Durbin embraces disgraced Rahm. Clinton watches.

Durbin claims Rahm has "visible support" in the black community. He knows this from having attended a recent meeting. (AP)
Sen. Dick Durbin is the only Democrat in town willing to be seen within 10 yards of disgraced Mayor Rahm Emanuel. In an interview on Wednesday, Durbin claimed that Rahm still maintains significant support in the city and particularly in the black community, despite his role in covering up the police killing of Laquan McDonald. How Durbin knows this or how he has the nerve to speak for the black community is beyond me. I'm guessing he read Laura Washington's defense of Rahm in the Sun-Times.

In his attempt to bail out the mayor, Durbin blames most of Rahm's troubles on his predecessor, Daley.
“I don’t question that there are things that happened under the mayor’s watch that have caused problems for him that he will still have to address,” Durbin said. “Those sorts of things are real and on his watch. But most of the things he’s facing are left over.”
That's some stretch. 

Seeing Durbin and Emanuel posing together takes me back to another Durbin photo-op. That one was with Republican Sen. Mark Kirk proposed spending $30M on rounding up and imprisoning 18,000 black men ("gang bangers") back in 2013.

Durban/Kirk call for jailing of 18,000 black me. 
Durbin now dismisses #RahmResign protesters as "the same people who have supported his political opponents, such as 2015 primary foe Chuy Garcia" (Is that a bad thing?)  and claims that Rahm is “doing better than most outsiders would believe.” 

I'm definitely an outsider, but I read the insider's polls showing that Rahm's numbers are lower that snail shit (18%), and that was before the announced FBI investigation into his law department's role in the cover-ups. Durbin is the first insider I've heard dispute that. 

I can only wonder what Hillary Clinton's folks must be thinking about Durbin's embrace of the Little Emperor. Is it possible that they put him up to it, knowing that his seat is probably safe enough to test the waters? Remember, the IL primary is in March and Clinton has to decide how safe it is to campaign in Chicago and do her own photo ops with the mayor. Or play it safe and avoid Chicago altogether.

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  1. Pretty sure this is strategic. Senator Durbin won by a solid 10 points in 2014 and isn't up for reelection until 2020. By then the 2016 mayoral election won't be that relevant to his chances.


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