Monday, September 21, 2015

WEEKEND QUOTABLES Dyett hunger strike ends

Strike over. Struggle continues.

Aisha Wade-Bey
“We do have some other ways to continue to make sure we get this high school in our community, where it’s fair and that they have the resources that it needs for our children.” -- Sun-Times
Jeanette Taylor-Ramann
"I'm not an activist, nor a protester, or a hunger striker. I am a mother who wants what's best for my children and young people in my community."-- Tribune
Jitu Brown
"We decided that we will feed our bodies so that until we win sustainable community schools for all of our children, the mayor and cps won't get a moments rest,"
"We have changed the dialogue... We have exposed the inequality."
"We have had several key victories including saving Dyett as an open-enrollment public (not charter) school". -- Facebook
Biggest Weekend Laugher came from Peter Cunningham
Because Chicago does not have school board elections, board members are insulated from politics. -- Chicago Tribune
Fred Klonsky

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