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Monday, October 21, 2013


Daley doesn't know what he knew.
Classic Daley under oath
 “I don’t know what I knew.” -- Sun-Times
Diane Ravitch
NPR says Rahm Emanuel gets a “mixed” grade at midterm. On education, his grade is not mixed. It is a big fat F.  -- Grading Rahm Emanuel 
IL Sen. Pres. John Cullerton
The state's massive public employee pension debt is not a "crisis," but instead an issue being pushed by business-backed groups seeking lower income taxes at the expense of retiree benefits. -- WGN interview 
John Dewey
D.C. whistle-blower principal, Adell Cothorne 
I was a principal in a Washington DC public school when IMPACT was being rolled out. I knew of other principals who had their secretaries fill out the complex teacher rating systems for them. In other words, there were no safe guards to ensure that the system wasn’t being manipulated. How can we justify a rating system that can be gamed? -- EduShyster
John Dewey
"Democracy needs to be reborn in each generation, and education is its midwife." -- Chicago Tribune Commentary

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