Monday, October 14, 2013

Safe passage to nowhere. CPS lied about receiving-school enrollment.

As a designated "welcoming school," Johnson School of Excellence on the West Side, an AUSL "turn-around" school, got upgrades to technology. But only 34 students out of 145 from shuttered Pope Elementary are enrolled. 
I'm reading about a gunman in a car opening fire on an on-duty Chicago Public Schools Safe Passage worker Tuesday. Gave me the chills. Thank goodness, nobody was hit. But the incident only touches the surface of the devastating impact of Rahm's mass school closings.

WBEZ reports:
Just 60 percent of 10,542 students from Chicago’s shuttered elementary schools ended up at so-called “welcoming schools,” despite efforts by the district to woo them with promises of improved education, safe passage to school, and sweeteners like iPads, air conditioning and new science labs.
There's 500 children, nearly all African-American, gone missing. No milk cartons. No Amber alerts. Just hundred of kids and families unaccounted for in the midst of the chaos and neighborhood devastation caused by this mayor. No one seems to know if they've dropped out, were scared off by unsafe passage routes, or simply pushed out of the neighborhood or the city.
496 grammar-school children from shuttered schools do not seem to be enrolled anywhere at all, inside CPS or in other districts. They are listed on district spreadsheets as “To be determined” and are from nearly every closed school. 
In their reports to Emanuel back in August, bureaucrats from the Public Building Commission (PBC), Department of Buildings (DOB), the Department of Streets and Sanitation (DSS) and the Department of Transportation (CDOT), had assured him that they would be ready to receive and service nearly all the thousands of displaced students from the shuttered neighborhood schools.
 "90 percent of Sending School students are already enrolled in CPS. Among them, the vast majority of students and their families have chosen to attend their designated Welcoming School – 80 percent."
According to WBEZ, even on the first day of school, CPS said 78 percent of impacted students were attending their welcoming schools. The district made $155.7 million in capital and technology investments at the schools, which it will pay off for the next 30 years.

But it seems that this was simply more politically motivated disinformation coming from the office of CPS Liar-In-Chief Becky Carroll.

WBEZ reports:
One school in North Lawndale provides a telling example. Just 12 students out of 196 from shuttered Henson Elementary enrolled at Charles Evans Hughes, the designated welcoming school. The remaining students have scattered to 34 different schools. Nine students left the district, and 12 are completely unaccounted for. At Johnson School of Excellence, a designated welcoming school for shuttered Pope Elementary, just 34 kids enrolled from Pope—77 percent of Pope students went elsewhere.
No transparency, hundreds of kids unaccounted for --- how many more reasons do we need to rescue CPS from control by City Hall?

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