Thursday, October 24, 2013

Uh oh, Rahm is 'furious'

The Sun-Times' Fran Spielman reports that the Little Emperor is "furious." Why? Because people keep bringing up this Amer Ahmad thing and the Lois Scott connection. Remember, Rahm appointed Ahmad to be his comptroller based on CFO Scott's recommendation. Then we learned that Ahmad was indicted by the feds for money laundering, bribery and other public corruption charges related to his previous position as deputy treasurer in the state of Ohio. Scott, it turns out, had some nefarious dealings with Ahmad.
Writes Spielman:
A furious Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Wednesday likened media attacks on his Chief Financial Officer Lois Scott to the “drive by hits” that drove him out of the “crap town” that is Washington D.C.
Wow! Such language. So that's why Rahm left the White House staff. Drive by hits in a crap town? I thought it was because the Obama's and other staff members could no longer stand to be around him or put up with his guff.

Besides, Chicago is not "crap town" and people inside and outside the media have a right and a duty to demand transparency on the Ahmad/Scott scandal.

Ahmad, Emanuel & Scott
Scott who would have been the mayor’s point-person in selling the failed Midway privatization deal to the City Council, has been implicated in the Ahmad scandal. She's not only the one who recommended Ahmad to Rahm. it turns out that Scott's private financial firm worked on some $200 million in state highway construction bonds in Ohio and that Scott Balice Strategies LLC, co-owned by Scott, served as "financial adviser to the treasurer" on those Ohio deals.

After Scott came aboard as Emanuel's chief financial officer in May 2011, she selected a firm that employed Ahmad's onetime boss, former Ohio Treasurer Kevin Boyce, for hundreds of thousands of dollars in city bond work.When Boyce was a public official, Scott's firm profited, and when Scott became a public official under Emanuel, Boyce's firm profited. And Ahmad was at the center of it all.

Ahmad was also placed by Rahm on the  boards of all four of the City's largest pension funds and was the point man in Emanuel’s controversial decision to phase out Chicago’s 55 percent subsidy for retiree health care by 2017.

On Wednesday, Scott refused to answer questions about her relationship with Ahmad after joining other key members of Emanuel’s cabinet in the VIP box during the mayor’s annual budget address.

Yes Rahm is furious. After all his efforts to neuter IG Joe Ferguson, people keep bringing stuff up. Get over it Rahm. There's more coming.

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