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Monday, January 9, 2012


Ben Joravsky
Not really sure what it is about Mayor Emanuel and public libraries, but the dude never looks so happy as when he's cutting their hours or firing their staff. In this case, he's vowing to close the branch libraries on Mondays. Or as he might put it—let those fuckers get their books on Amazon! -- The Reader
Charles Blow
Racial politics play well for Republicans. Santorum and Paul finished second and third in Iowa. Time will tell if Gingrich rebounds. Playing to racial anxiety and fear isn’t a fluke; it’s a strategy that energizes the Republican base. -- "The G.O.P's 'Black People's Platform"
Nicholas Kristof
One of the biggest long-term challenges we face, I think, is the way an underclass is becoming stratified in the United States, replicating poverty from generation to generation. -- "Investing in Early Childhood"
Marilyn Katz
 [Police Supt.] McCarthy's statement that his police force is gearing up for mass arrests and [Mayor]Emanuel's proposed legislation send a message that is more chilling than welcoming, despite official assurances that the city respects free speech. -- Chicago Tribune: "Reining in Those Pesky Protesters"

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