Monday, August 22, 2011


Steven Brill tells Ravitch
"I don't have an agenda." -- C-SPAN
Marian Wright Edelman
"When Dr. King died calling for a Poor People's Campaign, there were 11 million poor children in America. Today, with 15.5 million poor children, millions living in extreme poverty, I've no doubt he'd be calling for a new Poor People's Campaign with a sense of urgency. He's not coming back. It's up to us to pick up the mantle of justice." -- Children's Defense Fund
Larry Ferlazzo
"Brizard announced his home visit plan within days of the Chicago School Board retracting its promise to increase the salaries of teachers while increasing the salaries of its Central Office staff... Again, without any teacher consultation. That’s a picture perfect model of how not to initiate a teacher home visit plan." -- Larry Ferlazzo
Ben Joravsky
"In other words, the do-not-hire designation intended to protect students from "bad" teachers is effectively protecting them from "good" teachers as well." -- Laid off from teaching--forever

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