Monday, August 15, 2011


Maureen Dowd on Mitt Romney
"Of the corporation, by the corporation, for the corporation. We the corporation. Corporations who need corporations are the luckiest corporations in the world. Power to the corporation!" -- NYT
CTU President Karen Lewis
“Our voices are really not heard. They are tolerated.”-- Chicago News Cooperative
Valerie Strauss on Duncan's waivers
"Using the waivers as a way to strong-arm states to do what you want — when what you want has never been shown by research to be effective or — is hardly the way to set a good policy precedent, or help kids in schools, which is, after all, what this is supposed to be all about." -- The Answer Sheet
Sen. Bernie Sanders
"In my view, there are crooks on Wall Street, and I use that word advisedly, whose illegal behavior and greed and recklessness put us into this terrible recession. Now they are doing just great. Do you think the average American thinks the president has stood up to Wall Street in the way that he should have?"  -- CSPAN

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