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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Investigate Rhee's crooked deal with the foundations

D.C. Supt. Rhee solicited donations from union busting power philanthropists like Broad & Walton, that reserved the right to pull their funding if there was a change in the school system's leadership. The $64.5M in foundation money was then used to promise teachers a hefty raise if they gave up important collective-bargaining rights and accepted her pay-for-jobs contract--"merit pay," mass firings of their colleagues, and mushrooming class size.

So if Mayor Fenty (Rhee's patron) loses upcoming election to Vincent Gray and Gray gives Rhee the boot--which he promised to do-- Broad & Walton can then renege on funding. Fenty campaign spreads fear that already bancrupt schools will lose millions unless he's elected. If he loses anyway, and he might, the contract, which is being touted as the model for the nation, then isn't worth the paper it's written on. Teachers are left without any job protection. What a scam!

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  1. So much for democracy when billionaires can control local elections in other cities by threatening a pull-back from their personal foundations. It's even worse than that Republican primary in California where the former CEO of Ebay is running and has put up $71 million in personal money just to try and win the primary. Ugh!


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