Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Deja Vu all over again

Study Finds Success in NYC's 'Small Schools'

Wait a minute. Didn't I read this same headline 20 years ago? Or maybe I wrote it?
At a time when reformers and philanthropists have largely turned their back on the “small schools” movement, a major study of New York City high schools has found that students are more academically successful in smaller, more personal high schools that they choose for themselves than they are in larger, more traditional schools. (Edweek).
What can I say? Read our book.


  1. On this we agree though the headline might have been from 25 yrs ago!

  2. They are not talking about the same sort of schools. Only the size is similar.


  3. I agree with Jonathan. We need to continue the fight over what kind of small schools, who leads them, what and how they teach, and who gets to enroll. But the study once again indicates the benefits of small school size. I don't want to concede that important point.


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