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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tweeting with Ravitch

Ravitch tweets Klonsky:
Hey, Klonsky, community protests never stop school closings in NYC. Even when 3,000 parents/teachers turn out. That's mayoral control."
Klonsky tweets back to Ravitch:
Hey Ravitch! It's the only thing that can stop them. Next time bigger & louder with you up front.


  1. It looks as though the CORE- and GEM-led protests in Chicago are making a difference. CPS says they are going to back off of at least some of the schools on the 2010 hit list:


  2. Hey Ravitch! Keep on tweeting. That'll do it.

  3. CPS did take 4 closings off their list, but some of that may have been theater. Guggenheim was fierce in their opposition, but then again so was Phillips and they're still on the list. CORE has been hitting the aldermen hard and we have a half dozen behind a resolution. We're not done fighting either. I don't know what can be done this year, but we are building momentum and while the proponents of privatizing public schools don't take a break, we won't either.


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