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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ravitch on the case

Okay, so Diane Ravitch & I don't agree on some things--like the power of community organizing against the school closings. I can understand the basis for her gloomy outlook. But I have to give her credit for speaking out against them. I'm sure that hasn't endeared her to Bloomberg/Klein and the powers that be. Neither will her latest post at Bridging Differences.

Ravitch is on the case following Millot's censored expose of conflicts of interest surrounding the disbursal of Race-To-The-Top funds.
It turns out that Millot asked questions that someone didn't want to be heard. The blog was removed, and his contract cancelled. The good news is that the Internet is making it very difficult to censor anyone. You can be certain that the censors will fail, because the original is almost certain to appear uncut on the Internet within days or hours.
Thanks to Diane for not letting this thing drop from view.

BTW, here's Part III of Millot's response (Parts I & II here) to his being censored and then dropped Russo/Scholastic as a TWIE blogger after pressure was applied by Andrew Rotherham.
Now, my view is that “every bully is a coward in disguise”. But that’s for readers to decide.

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