Monday, March 25, 2019


CA public schools chief, Tony Thurmond
“There has been, for many districts, a significant fiscal impact and loss of revenue directly attributed to the growth of charter schools...We have to have tough conversations including the fiscal impact of charter growth on the traditional districts and come out in a way where we can do what’s best for all of our students in the state.” -- CALmatters
Laura Washington
Ironically, if Preckwinkle had not made her late mayoral entry after Rahm Emanuel’s exit, she would likely have supported Lightfoot for mayor. -- Sun-Times
Cong. Bobby Rush at Preckwinkle rally
"This election is really about what type of police force we're going to have in the city of Chicago, and everyone who votes for Lori, the blood of the next young black man or black woman who is killed by the police is on your hands." -- Tribune
Lori Lightfoot responded
"There is no room in this campaign for hate-filled rhetoric, and I call on (Preckwinkle) to denounce the tactics of division and fear-mongering as this campaign enters its final days." [She didn't]. -- Press Release
Shia Kapos
What it all means: As Preckwinkle trails in fund-raising and polls, she’s allowing surrogates to attack Lightfoot in an attempt to weaken her numbers among black voters. -- IL Playbook

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