Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Future looks dim for Cook County Dems without a change at the top.

Polling around the Chicago mayor's race has been pretty accurate. In the first round the pollsters were nearly perfect. But I'm still having trouble wrapping my head around latest numbers showing Toni Preckwinkle Polling at only 17% with just over a week to go.

I know she's run a terrible campaign, but still. I mean this is a sitting prez of the Cook County Board, running with endorsements and big money from the CTU and SEIU. She's also the successor to Boss Joe Berrios as chair of the Cook County Democratic Party. How in the hell are her numbers so low? Lower even than Mayor Rahm Emanuel's, which reached the point where he had to drop out of the race to avoid an embarrassing butt kicking.

What's happened to the mighty Chicago Democratic Party machine?

This raises more questions...1) If she loses this election as big as expected, can TP hang on to her party post? Lots of Democrats are facing tough races next year. Can she garner their support after such a dismal showing in her own election campaign? 2) Consider question #1 in light of TP's failure to repudiate Cong. Bobby Rush's outrageous attack on Lori Lightfoot voters, claiming that all thousands of these mostly liberal and progressive voters have "blood on their hands". Will TP be able to rally these bloody voters behind party candidates? 3) Will her most avid supporters running for re-election, pay a price for her defeat, especially after they to remained silent after Rush's absurd comments. Most also stayed mumm after hateful, anti-gay flyers were spread over south-side churches and neighborhoods by Lori-haters.

All this isn't likely to go away after April 3rd.

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