Friday, October 12, 2018

'It's Christmas in October' for Rahm's pet alders

 It's Christmas in October for Rahm's toadie, Ald. Moore (L) 
Here's a quiz question for my urban policy students. How much money does it cost to buy a Chicago alderman?

Hint: If old Mayor Richard J. Daley were alive, he's probably answer, around $500 and a pat on the head. His son Richie, Jr. would likely say, $1,000 and a meal at the Park Grill, if they were especially well behaved.

Give up? Today's price, adjusted for inflation? $20K plus bacon and eggs at the 312.   

The Tribune reports: 
Mayor Rahm Emanuel continued his “no friend gets left on the field” tour Wednesday, handing out $20,000 checks to more than two dozen City Council allies to help them get re-elected.
Emanuel hosted a breakfast at the 312 Chicago restaurant across the street from City Hall. Far North Side Ald. Joseph Moore, 49th, said he expected to enjoy a meal and a thank-you speech from the mayor to aldermen who backed Emanuel’s series of property tax hikes and other politically difficult votes.“Christmas in October,” Moore said. “In addition to eggs, potatoes and bacon, we got checks.”
Among those getting bought and gift-wrapped was Ald. Ariel Reboyras, 30th, who’s trying to get re-elected against Jessica Gutierrez, daughter of outgoing U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez. Asked about his backing of Reboyras, Emanuel cited his mantra from his days as head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee: “No friend gets left on the field.”

Ald. Roboyras 
In all, Emanuel paid out around half a million dollars to friendly aldermen. How nice for them. Not to say that each and every one of them got bought. A few can still claim some independence. For example, several black aldermen voted no in protest of not enough minority contracts being awarded at the airport and still got a breakfast check. Black Caucus leader, Ald. Rod Sawyer, says he is giving his $20K to community groups. Make of that what you will.

But if old man Daley were alive, he'd likely tell Rahm, "you paid too much". To which Rahm would reply: "What the hell. It's not my money."

Next question: Speaking of the Daleys, how much does it cost a billionaire charter school investor to buy a prospective mayor?

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