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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

It's Trump who should be worried. #NoDAPL shows up in Pasadena

Lots of folks are worried about the fate of the #NoDAPL movement once Trump takes office. I understand their fears. But from my vantage point, it looks like Trump and Dakota Access Pipeline are the ones who should be worried. They thought the movement had gone into hibernation for the winter. They were wrong.

With hundreds of water protectors still dug in up in Standing Rock, look who showed up at yesterday's Rose Parade.

From the L.A. Daily News:
 Hundreds of local water activists, Native American tribes and veterans pushed a float adorned with a “Water is Sacred” teepee and carried the plastic black pipeline as they marched down Colorado Boulevard chanting “Water is life” and “We are water protectors,” among other things.
The protest was organized by the Bernie Sanders Brigade, which marched in support of the then-presidential candidate at last year’s parade. 
“It was important to take over the end of the Rose Parade to unify people to get the message out and most importantly to get people to defund the (pipeline),” said Lydia Ponce, a representative from the American Indian Movement of Southern California.
On Sunday, at the Bears/Viking game, some daring pipeline activists rappelled from the roof of the Vikings' stadium to unfurl a DIVEST -- #NoDAPL banner for millions around the world to see. They were released from jail Monday with charges pending.

Chicago Tribune reports:
Minneapolis police spokesman Officer Corey Schmidt said a 32-year-old man and 26-year-old woman were arrested Sunday for allegedly sneaking up on a truss connected to the roof and rappelling down to unfurl the huge banner. Schmidt declined to discuss the alleged role of a third person who was arrested, a 27-year-old woman, citing the ongoing investigation.
#NoDAPL and Fight For 15 are in the forefront of a movement for social justice that isn't being cowed by Trump and his gang of plutocrats. They're setting the tone, even while Democratic Party leaders are sitting on their hands or rendering unto Caesar. 

Happy New Year! See you in D.C. on the 21st.

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