Saturday, October 22, 2016

Trump plans to do away with public school systems

Trump surrogate, Paladino calls educators, "pot-smokers from Vietnam era". Ouch!
If there was any doubt, Trump surrogate Carl Paladino made it perfectly clear that if his boss is elected his goal will be nothing less than the elimination of public education and complete liquidation of the nation's teacher unions.

Paladino, Trump's N.Y State co-chairman told a group of urban school superintendents yesterday, that Trump would seek to do away with “corrupted, incompetent” public school systems in America’s cities, replacing them with charter schools and vouchers for private schools.
Such an approach would “encourage competition in the marketplace and eventually dismantle the corrupted, incompetent urban school districts that we have in America today,” said Paladino, Trump’s New York State co-chairman, drawing audible boos from an audience composed largely of people who run the school districts Paladino criticized.
Paladino was unfazed: “A monopoly will not continue to work, it will not solve the problem,” he said, decrying what he described as school districts’ dysfunction and their “incestuous relationships with teachers unions.”  
I had to laugh when Paladino went on to attack higher education, referring to academics on college campuses as former “pot-smoking hippies back during the Vietnam era.” Was he referring to me? Has he visited a college campus recently? The median age of tenured faculty (who are now mostly replaced in the classroom by much younger adjuncts) is around 50. That would have made them about 5 years old in the Vietnam era.

Contrast that with Hillary Clinton's likely approach -- continuing Democrats' expansion of privately-run charters, side-by-side with support for traditional public schools with a common-core standards/curriculum and unionized teachers -- and you get a clear picture of the choice available to voters on Nov. 8th. It's not a great choice, but it's a choice.

There's also a progressive education platform, adopted after much internal struggle at the Democratic Convention, around which to organize, once HC is elected. 


  1. When I was in New York, there was a great deal of news info. RE: Carl Paladino, & not good. He's not what one would call a "solid citizen," let alone a gubernatorial candidate (which he was). Tea Party guy, real estate mogul & writer of "racist & sexist" e-mails. Don't take my word, though--Google him. He makes Chris Christie look like a saint.

  2. What is Trump threatening that the Dems aren't already doing?

  3. bro, looks like you've swallowed the "lesser eeeeeeevil" hook, line and sinker.

    i'm experienced enough to know that campaign promises & party platform aren't worth the breath it takes to utter them or the paper they're written on. like Obama, Hillary will be a pliant tool of the wall st bankster/ gangster and you effen know it. ... gdeleon

    1. Bro? Is this Fred? Thought you were in France.

      Anyway bro, you've got me all wrong. In the epic battle between good and "eeeeeeevil", between the devil and the angels, I've always been on the side of the angels and righteously and consistently opposed Satan (except when he has appeared in the form of Mick Jagger whom I love dearly).

      Having said that, when the choice between a lesser and greater evil presents itself, as it has done here recently, I generally opt for the lesser evil, without of course, surrendering or weakening my ability to continue a critical struggle against the aforementioned lesser "eeeeeeevil".

      Wait, what was your question again?

    2. G De Leon Sounds like you are trolling for Trump.

  4. Johnny Come LatelyOctober 24, 2016 at 1:33 PM

    G De Leon: I'm glad there are experienced veterans of the movement like you around to school Klonsky and the rest of us neophytes about "lesser of two eeeeeeels." Your perceptions are really deep.


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