Monday, June 20, 2016


Rauner runs
“Can’t understand why the DuSable Museum will allow Gov. Rauner to speak there on Monday,” [Father Michael] Pfleger wrote on Facebook. “This man has abandoned and raped the community of resources,”
Rauner Spokesperson: "Out of an abundance of caution and respect for the safety of visitors and the museum, we have regretfully cancelled the planned Juneteenth event at the DuSable Museum." -- NBC5 Chicago
Chicago billionaire Hillary bundler J.B. Pritzker
 “This isn’t about lifestyles of the rich and famous. There’s nothing fancy about it. People just want to mingle with the candidate.”  -- Sun-Times
"I Feel Like a Supermodel" -- NBC News
Florida Prosecutor Kenneth Lewis
"Downtown Orlando has no bottom. The entire city should be leveled. It is void of a single redeeming quality." -- Daily News
 From July 8-10, educators, parents, and activists will rally in Washington, DC for three days of action in defense of public education. Featured speakers include author Jonathan Kozol, Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis, and Diane Ravitch. I will also be speaking at the rally.
On July 8 there will be a People’s March for Public Education and Social Justice. Save Our Schools is organizing a conference for July 9 to be followed by a July 10 Coalition Summit and organizing session. The program for the rally and meetings includes full, equitable funding for all public schools; safe, racially just schools and communities; community leadership in public school policies; professional, diverse educators for all students; child-centered, culturally appropriate curriculum for all, and no high-stakes standardized testing.

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