Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Will Chicago be Trump's Waterloo?

I'm not sure what Donald Trump is so giddy about after his Michigan "win". It continues the pattern of majority of Republican voters opposing him by a wide margin, in most cases by 2-1. I'm in FL this week, where Trump's right-wing opponents Cruz, Kasich, and Rubio are out-polling him 60-40. If Rubio/Bush had any juice at all in their own state, the margin would be much greater.

Trump has won primaries in exactly the same states that segregationist George Wallace won in '68. Let's see what happens in the industrial heartland.

As I've been saying from the beginning, Trump's a paper tiger, god's gift to the Democrats. Nothing to fear, everything to oppose.

As Brother Fred pointed out so eloquently the other day, it's the captains of corporate conservatism who are most feared of a Trump nomination. The rest of us are just pissed.

GOP leaders can't really stop Trump because they can't attack the very things that are helping him succeed. They've got the same line.

The real news from MI is Berne Sanders victory when this week's polls had him down double-digits. Makes you wonder who they're polling and who they're not.
In narrowly winning the first big industrial state to vote, Sanders demonstrated that his economic message reverberates in the Rust Belt and, for the first time, proved he could win in a racially diverse state. -- Politico
Interesting that the Teamsters and UAW didn't endorse Clinton with many unionists working for Sanders. I guess many weren't buying Clinton's story that her support for the bailouts of GM and Wall Street was all about helping workers.

Trump is sure to get his comeuppance when (and If) he comes to Chicago. I, along with about 50,000 others (including lots of faculty and staff), have signed the petition asking UIC to cancel his brown-shirt rally at the Pavilion on Friday. His goon squads have been assaulting BLM protesters. But this isn't Alabama.

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