Thursday, March 3, 2016

Big News... Elected Representative School Board Bill Passes the House 110-4

It still has to pass in the senate and then get the governor's signature, but this is a major victory. It's also another major blow struck against MRE whose autocratic rule over the schools has been an educational and financial disaster.

After the vote, applause broke out in the chambers.

Should the legislation make it through the Senate, Chicago’s public schools would be overseen by 21 democratically elected members of the public rather than the seven the mayor has chosen.

Chicago is the only district in IL and one of the few in the nation, to have an appointed school board. Voters have passed several resolutions in support of ESRB sending clear messages to Springfield as to the will of the people.

Problem is, even if passed, the bill doesn't go into effect until March, 2018, leaving Rahm's autocracy in place for nearly all the rest of his term in office. Let's hope we still have a CPS by then.

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