Monday, April 27, 2015


Standing up for Freddie Gray in Baltimore
Twelve-year-old Charles Sheppard 
...leaned against the barricade, holding a sign with a quote attributed to James Baldwin: “Ignorance allied with power is the most ferocious enemy of justice.” -- Sun
Bruce Rauner
 Rauner dismissed questions about his own potential conflicts of interest: his acceptance of campaign contributions from executives at financial firms that manage state pension money. “They are just taxpayers. They don’t do business [with the state].” -- International Business Times
Chuy was right.
Ben Joravsky
 I'll tell you this: Chuy Garcia's idea for a systematic, top-to-bottom review of the city's finances doesn't seem like such a bad idea right about now. It generally takes at least a year after an election before buyers' remorse sets in and Chicagoans realize they messed it up -- again! -- Reader
Arne Duncan
“We had some stability, like any organization needs stability, and CPS in six years I’ve been gone, I think they’re on their fifth superintendent now. And might shortly be on their sixth, and that kind of lack of continuity, that lack of stability it, it’s difficult on a child. It just makes me sad.” -- Chicago Tonight
 Rahm Emanuel to Roger Goodell
 “Just call me. I’ll take care of it for you … You don’t call anybody else....” -- Sun-Times

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