Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Chuy was right. Open the books!

Remember when mayoral candidate Chuy Garcia was mocked by Rahm and by the media when he said he wanted the mayor to "open the books" before he made budget recommendations. Well, with the Feds in town looking at secret no-bid deals and CPS 'crats making $20 million addition/subtraction errors, who's mocking now?

Today's Sun-Times:
-- Fred Klonsky
Chief Administrative Officer Tim Cawley sold the $260 million Aramark deal to the Board of Education and the public by saying it would free up principals’ time, result in cleaner schools and save the cash-strapped district millions of dollars. Some of the savings was to come from layoffs of hundreds of custodians.
But the district was on the hook for some $20 million more to Aramark than it promised, essentially wiping out the $18 million Cawley said the district would save in its first of three years, as first reported by WBEZ.
That’s partly due to CPS miscounting some administrative offices, school branches and district stadiums, McCaffrey said. And then someone forgot to count entire schools, he added, but he was unable to say how many.
Oops! He forgot to count... Yes, that $20 million, with an M.

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  1. Funny how those top executives have learned their math skills!
    I also need to add a few comments as a teacher and parent:
    My children will be sitting out the PARCC for the second time around. Pearson, a multi-million dollar corporation is paying teachers 12 bucks an hour to score it.
    What an insult to a group of college educated people. Plus, am I seriously going to trust someone's opinion about my child's test especially when they are being paid close to minimum wage?!?!?


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