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Monday, June 2, 2014


Maya Angelou on Race To The Top

James Forman Jr.  
Angelou kept coming back after that first fundraiser. For 17 years, even when her health was failing and she needed an oxygen tank nearby, she would get on the bus and log the miles from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, to D.C. There were no inaugural throngs at our events. No television cameras, no glamour. Just a few kids whom most of the world had abandoned. Teachers like to say, “Character is who you are when nobody is looking.” Maya Angelou was there when nobody was looking. -- AlJazeera: What Maya Angelou taught our students
 Bill Moyers
The NRA, has the nerve to call itself “America’s longest-standing civil rights organization.” -- Shots Fired. Madness in Progress.
Sean Johnson
“They don’t answer to anyone,” said Sean Johnson, the dean of students at Banneker, whose father attended the school while growing up in the Black Pearl neighborhood. “The charters have money and want to make more money. They have their own boards, make their own rules, accept who they want and put out who they want to put out.” -- Washington Post
NYC Educator
What's worse is labor itself, as represented by UFT leadership, doesn't appear to support labor either. -- Working Families Party--Maintaining the Status Cuomo

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