Thursday, June 26, 2014

Rauner still lying about his clout call to Duncan

Outgoing Inspector General James Sullivan on Chicago Tonight, tells what his investigation reveals about Bruce Rauner's clout call to Arne Duncan which got Rauner's unqualified kid into Walter Payton H.S. [2.53 on the video].
 Our investigation revealed that there was a phone call made to the CEO’s office by Mr. Rauner, and after that somebody in the CEO’s office called Walter Payton and his daughter was admitted to the school.
Here's Bernard Schoenburg's story from January showing how Rauner lied about the phone call then.
Rauner is still lying about his calls to Duncan now. See to Rich Miller's Capitol Fax report.

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  1. I STILL cannot imagine why Rauner's daughter just HAD to go to Payton (and she took a qualified, deserving city resident's place from her/him) when she could have gone to New Trier. Defies logic.


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