Friday, January 10, 2014

Sorry Rahm. Rauner's toast.

 If “we don’t fundamentally change direction, we’re toast.” -- Bruce Rauner campaign ad
Sorry Rahm. But your boy Rauner is toast. I know, I know, you're officially supporting Quinn, the Democrat, in the governor's race. But, everyone knows you and Rauner are tight. Even though he's supposedly a Republican, he's been one of your many wealthy patrons you're counting on to get yourself re-elected in 2016 and prevent a Chicago de Blasio scenario. He's also your guy when it comes to school closings, smashing teacher unions, and expanding privately-run charters.

Being a Republican for billionaires like Rauner, is like being a member of the Chicago Yacht club. It's not a political statement, it's a statement about your class. Even fellow state Republicans aren't buying it. And like you, he's not even a real Chicagoan. He's an interloper who bought an apartment here so his kid could go to Walter Payton, one of the city's top selective-enrollment schools. Of course it also took a phone call to pal, Arne Duncan, who then made a phone call, and so on. Even the wealthiest in Rahmville, need "a guy." Isn't that how you started out?

But Rauner's problem, like his prototype Romney, is that he lacks the self-discipline to pull off the populist charade ("I'm not a career politician") needed to get himself elected governor. Sooner or later, even with their newly-minted starched plaid shirts and Eddie Bauer vests, these guys can't help but blurt out there disdain for working people and those living in poverty and they become a political embarrassment. Remember Romney's "47%" video?

In Rauner's case, despite all the money he spent on flacks and messaging experts, he just couldn't get his shit together on the overwhelmingly popular issue of raising of the minimum wage (not even talking about a living wage). Despite his previous denials and flip[ant]-flops, after saying he favored cutting the MW by a buck and hour, newly-surfaced September video has him proclaiming Romney-style, that he's ‘adamantly, adamantly’ against raising the minimum wage.

He's basically handed over the Gov's race to Quinn who has his own problems after the great pension robbery and his reviving the political corpse of Republicrat Paul Vallas.

Like I said, Rahm. He's toast.

Not so funny thing is --- Rauner's GOP rival, most likely to get union support in the primary, is even worse on MW than Rauner. Sen. Kirk Dillard says he's against the government setting ANY minimum wage wants the “marketplace” to decide how much or how little workers should be paid. He probably thinks slavery or involuntary servitude could put the state's businesses in a more competitive position.

And speaking of toast... Chris Crispy Christie.

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