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Friday, January 17, 2014

Despite next week's sham hearings, new CPS charters a done deal

This morning I received this email from my former fellow Prosser coach, Jeff Bates.


What do you think?
I'm sure you are aware of the RFPs for Intrinsic and Noble Charter Schools being considered by CPS at the upcoming Board meeting on January 22nd. 
Jeff Bates pics
On January 6th the demolition fences were put up around the proposed site of the New Noble School, directly across the street corner from Prosser Career Academy HIgh School (1,500 student enrollment) and within blocks of 6 other elementary schools with over 4,000 students enrolled-Hanson Park, Prieto, Northwest Middle, Belmont Cragin, and Christopher House. Definitely a SAFETY and traffic concern to residents, parents, students, and the Commissioner at Area 25 Police Headquarters, two blocks away.
Construction begins
The LSCs at the existing schools were not invited to nor made aware of the Noble sponsored Community outreach meetings. Residents of the community North of Grand we're not informed of the project as we'll. Prosser lost $1.2 million in budget cuts this past summer. There are 4 High Schools within 1.5 miles- North Grand, Steinmetz, Kelvyn Park, and Foreman. Not one is overcrowded and they have endured budget cuts. Very Interesting to say the least. On a recent visit- "We are the  General Contractors- tearing the building down. They are putting up a new charter school"- rep from Norcon shared on January 10, 2014---BEFORE BOARD APPROVAL OF RFP January 22nd. Proper procedure and Protocol? Or business as usual with the haves vs the have-nots?
Over 20 years of educating, motivating, and inspiring students to do their best and follow the proper procedures means little when the POWERS that be are not kept to the same standard.
Please share with all interested in Our Children, Our Schools, Our Communities, Our City, and Our WORLD.

 Jeffrey S. Bates
My response:
Of course it's a done deal (See this morning's S-T and my blog). Doesn't mean it can't be stopped. Still worth putting up a fight to make it difficult for them. Also to mobilize the community for next election.

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