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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Send lawyers, guns and money...

The shit has hit the fan
It’s shocking to hear that Cook County Assessor Joe Berrios’ name would come up in a discussion of questionable activity. SHOCKING, I say. -- Evening Rush 
Rahm & Joe "The Boss" Berrios
I no sooner finished responding to Laura Washington, who practically wrote off the anti-Rahm opposition in upcoming elections, than a significant chunk of the mayor's team imploded.

It started with reports of another layer of UNO scandal.
Sun-Times reported that the federal Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating UNO for possible securities fraud related to state-backed bonds used to finance school construction projects. This is the second time this year that Quinn has suspended UNO’s funding.
 D’Escoto Inc., is listed on the board’s agenda as a minority-owned business subcontractor for construction projects under CPS’ capital improvement plan. The $4.3 million project director services contract is slated to be awarded to the Jacobs Project Management Company, according to the agenda. If approved, D’Escoto stands to earn about 17.5 percent, or about $731,000, according to CPS spokeswoman Becky Carrol
Remember, UNO boss Juan Rangel, who's likely to take the fall in the SEC investigation, served as finance chairman of Emanuel’s mayoral campaign and has been involved in countless financial dealings with the mayor, Ald. Eddie Burke, and House Speaker Mike Madigan.

Berrios' favorite, "Lettuce Salad"
Then the story broke about Cook County Democratic Party Chairman Joe "The Boss" Berrios being implicated in a bribe taking, tax fraud sting. One FBI informant was taped boasting that he was “with Berrios... having lettuce salads.” I don't think he was talking arugula.
“You know, with the lettuce, say here you go, man — sign this. Put this through right away,” Hawkins was taped saying.
 A timely gift for candidate Will Guzzardi who is running for State Rep. against Berrios' daughter and protege Toni. Berrios has 15 members of his family on the county and state payrolls. I think she's toast.

And finally, the internal war within the state Democratic Party exploded with State. Senator Cullerton gang banging with Republican billionaire and Rahm's patron, Bruce Rauner over how badly to stick it state retirees.

Crain's Greg Hinz says: 
But for those who are really curious why nothing happens, take a careful look at recent comments by a political odd couple: Illinois Senate President John Cullerton, a true blue North Side liberal, and investment banker Bruce Rauner, the tough guy GOP candidate for governor who stands behind no one in his vows to put worker unions in their place.
 Thieves inevitably fall out. That's why there are no certainties in Chicago politics.

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