Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Byrd-Bennett reshuffles her bureaucracy. Yes, that'll do it.

It seems like every year CPS leaders come up with a new, top-down bureaucratic management structure to keep local schools in line. And every year we have to learn the new names for the sub-district or regional managers, ie. AIOs, Network Managers, Underbosses, Capos, etc... who are there to transmit and enforce the party line and report back on any principals who aren't team players.

Yesterday's memo from Byrd-Bennett. announces the latest restructuring:
Starting immediately, we are restructuring our networks to better align both our academic goals and geographies of existing neighborhoods. This will allow us to better engage our community stakeholders while improving the allocation of Network resources to our schools. To accomplish this, we are moving from the existing structure of 19 separate networks for elementary schools and high schools to a new configuration consisting of 13 networks that encompass Pre-Kindergarten education through Grade 12. Combining elementary and high school networks will allow for a more coherent, continuous delivery of instruction for students starting in Pre-Kindergarten through the 12th grade.
Some school types that require more specialized education supports will operate under their own organizational structure. The Alternative Schools Network, which has been renamed the Department of Option Schools, will report to the Office of Innovation and Incubation. Service Leadership Academies (Military) will be counted in the new Network structure, but will operate as a separate unit within the District. Lastly, AUSL schools will no longer be included under the new Network structure and will instead receive support directly from the Chief Officer of Network Supports.
After carefully studying the new network structure and analyzing all accompanying org charts and graphs, my advice to local schools bent on survival under this new bureaucratic set up -- put your students in fatigues and desert boots and call yourself Special Forces High or Seal Team 6 Elementary.

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  1. Thanks for the information, where can the new map with the schools and the new chiefs be found?


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